Charlotte Named one of the Top 10 Cities (AGAIN!) from

Well, Charlotte is becoming on of the top 10 cities to live in by more and more companies! Charlotteans know why, do you? A national website called Livability studied over 500 cities and Charlotte ranked in the top 10 of “Resolution-Keepers”, based on several factors:

1. Fitness – there is an abundance of recreational activities and overall general good health of its residents.

2.Population growth – Despite the economic downturn, we continue to grow every year according to info posted on the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s website.

3. Cost of Living – Livability cited: “Charlotte has a low cost of living, which helps residents save money.”

4. General Happiness – “The majority of residents in Charlotte, NC, share a sense of optimism that their health and lives will improve, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. That’s the kind of positive environment resolution makers need to achieve their goals.”

5. Charlotte is a well-educated city with nearly 40% of its 25 years and older population with a college degree – amazing!

6.Financial strength – over 250 Fortune 500 companies have offices in Charlotte.

7. Cultural amenities – We have it all – Broadway plays, opera, museums, live music, symphony music and all kinds of ethnic celebrations including Italian, Latino, Irish, Asian and many more!

8. Volunteerism – More than 34% of Charlotteans do some type of volunteer work. (The Ballantyne Buzz is proud of Charlotte’s civic-minded community!)

So, if you are thinking about visiting Charlotte, I will be happy to give you a tour or make suggestions about what you should see while you are here! You can contact me at . Charlotte’s gota lot to offer – we hope to hear from you soon or as we say in Charlotte: “We’d love to meet y’all and show you our city!”

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