The “Buzz” on HGTV filming in Charlotte!

This buzzer got up close and personal with the filming crew of HGTV’s “My First Sale” . This show tells the seller’s side of the story in the art of selling/buying homes described as “Selling your first place means the stakes are even higher than when you purchased. More pressure, more jeopardy, more to gain and potentially thousands to lose.”

I was greeted by a young lady at the front door who had me sign a waiver. As Ientered the house they were already filming away with the seller’s agent, Sarah, who works with my Realtor Firm, Savvy + Co. It was way cool to see Sarah discussing the house with other agents and potential buyers.

2012 Ashland Avenue, Midwood, Charlotte, NC

Featured home for sale in Charlotte, NC's Midwood neighborhood

Cameraman Filming Me!

Then the producer asked me if I wanted to get “miked up”. Huh? Me? I felt the first bead of sweat roll down my back as the sound guy was attaching the mike to my clothes. But, it really was not too bad. They taped me commenting about the kitchen and the awesome master bath. I appeared cool as a cucumber…thank goodness they did not film me from behind as the perspiration stains appeared down my back and sides…!

This show will follow the process from listing the home for sale to contract so I look forward to seeing the finished product. And if I end up on the cutting room floor, well, I had fun doing it! 🙂

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