Ballantyne Breakfast Club Meeting Discusses Bissell Expansion Proposal of Ballantyne Corporate Park and Community House Connector

OK, Folks, this is a lot of information and it is a little “dry” but it’s stuff you need to know: Ned Curran, President and CEO of Bissell Companies,was the keynote speaker at the June 11th meeting of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club , discussing two proposals before our City Council andCounty Commissioners:

1. Rezoning (2011-044) that was filed by the Bissell Companies for the east & west sections of the Ballantyne Corporate Park to include 1,060,000 square feet of office space, 200 hotel rooms and 600 residential units. (Requires City Council approval.)

2. Severalroad improvements the Bissell Companies is fundingfor the area including the building of the North Community House Road bridge spanning I-485 to Endhaven Lane and connecting through to Johnston Road. (Requires city Council and County Commission approval.)

Ray Eschert Welcomes Everyone!

The Proposed Expansionof Ballantyne Corporate Park is very detailed but suffice it to say Bissell is proposing to invest $11 million upfront money and requesting that the city/county pay back this investment over a 15 year period solely based on the new taxes generated by an increased tax base. Bissell is willing to risk losing part of this initial investment if the entire $11 million is not paid back within this 15 year period.

Of course, this Ballantyne Buzzer was interested in the residential component of this proposal! Ned Curren only disclosed the proposed 600residential units would be condo/multi-family residential space – no single-family homes. No more specifics were given but the Buzz is thinking there is an increasing demand of live-work townhomes. There are already a few in the Ballantyne area but not in Ballantyne Corporate Park. Maybe Mr. Bissell needs the Buzz to help him…hmmmmm…you think? 🙂

Ballantyne Homeowners Attend Meeting
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