BIG NEWS! Savvy + Co. Is Coming to Ballantyne!

That’s right, Ballantyne will be getting its very own Savvy + Company Real Estate very soon!

Savvy LogoHooray! Savvy is pulling out all the bells + whistles for its Ballantyne location! So let me be the first to give you the full Savvy scoop…

Savvy will open itsstorefront office at Ballantyne Village Shopping center. This is the same complex where Superior School of Real Estate is located. The office will be a “lounge concept” with open work stations for agents to stop by, plug-in and recharge. In the meantime, there will be a temporary executive office suite on the second floor of the complex while the storefront gets organized, decorated and ready to receive guests and clients!

In addition to this fabulous and exciting news,Savvy + CowelcomesDot Munson aboard as the Manager and BIC of the Ballantyne office.
So I think we will all be seeing more Savvy signs as we navigate Charlotte! CongratulationsSavvy + Co!!!