Don’t Agree with your New Property Tax Values?

Think your new Property Tax Value on your Ballantyne home is too high? Well, 15,000 of your fellow “Mecklenburgers” agree with you and have filed an appeal! This Thursday is the last day to appeal!

The appeal formis attachedtoyour new property tax value letter from the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office. After filling out theform, you can either email, fax or mail it in. I would highly recommend emailing it or faxing it so that you can keep a copy as proof of sending.

Be sure to check all of the details on thecounty’s Real Estate Lookup websiteto make sure the information is correct: errors in the number of bedrooms, baths, square footage and exterior construction can significantly affect your property value. Also ask your Realtor (because I know you used a Realtor when you bought the biggest investment of your life!) to do a Comparative Market Analysis of your home. Your Realtor will look at your home and compare it to similar homes to determine a price range. This may help your case if the Comparative Market Analysis indicates your home is worth less than your new property tax value. There is also a good county website that explains the appeal process. Check it out!

Here’s the info on mailing, faxing or emailing:

Mail to:

Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office,Real Estate Appraisal Division
P.O. Box 31127
Charlotte, NC 28231
Fax: 888-292-6859. (Must be postmarked no later than Thursday.)


Fax: 888-292-6859

Good Luck!

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