Home Prices Inching up in Charlotte

Ballantyne,buzz,real estate,lynn johnsonAs a real estate agent in the Ballantyne and South Charlotte area, I have access to the Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which shows me prices of homes with little arrows next to them – arrows pointing down indicate a drop in price and up arrows indicate a price increase. Lately this Realtor has been seeing a lot more arrows pointing up…screeeeech…HUH??…hear the brakes skidding in my brain? What in the world is happening?? Prices going up?

Check out this graph Ifound on a real estate website:

OK, so maybe that’s not a huge increase but we are seeing prices go up in good locations (LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!) in Charlotte quite a bit! Plus other agents in my office are reporting they are seeing listings priced higher when they are first listed. This blog is not meant to scare you into buying now – just keep you informed on what is happening! Money is still cheap with 30 year loans below 4% and in our office, contracts are up!South Charlotte,Ballantyne,Buzz
Another sign that buyers are getting real serious? I have written 3 offers on 3 different houses and every one of them had mulitiple offers – I have not seen this in a long time. So, thinking it might be time to get serious about buying a home in Charlotte? If so, call me and let’s start the process – maybe it is time to get educated about the possibilities!
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