How Can you Resist this Face??

Ballantyne Petsmart Kitten

Definitely a low-maintenance lady!|

I was running errands in Ballantyne yesterday, delivering a”For Sale” sign to my latest listing, watering a friend’s garden and picking up kitty food for my feline “children”, Abigail and the holy terror known asIzzy. I always have to whiz by the “Adopt a Cat” area which just proves how sadistic I am. I fall in love with all of those sweet faces behind the plexi-glass – young and old. One little sweetie, Sabrina, is a full grown black & white cat who lifted one eyebrow as I cooed to her.

Ballantyne Pet Smart Kitten

Please adopt me!

Then I checked out the kittens and fell totally in love with this black & white kitten down to her her tiny, white paws, pink nose and white whiskers…love at first sight! As I tried to figure out how I could take her home, I was reminded I already had two little darlings at home who would not be pleased with another addition; plus, I did not want to be known as the spinster cat woman on the block!

So I am posting this blog in the hopes one of you may want to adopt this cutie-pie! She is playful, pouncing on the kitty toys and tossing them in the air. She came right up to the plexi-glass, checked me out and in typical kitty-fashion went on to her next adventure! Come by the Petsmart in Ballantyne, located on Rea Rd right across from Blakeney. There are several precious kittens…you are guaranteed to fall in love!

Ballantyne PetSmart

Ballantyne Petsmart, 9911 Rea Road, Charlotte, NC

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