Meet Government Officials at Ballantyne Breakfast Club this Saturday!

This Saturday at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge, you can listen to 22 public officials, including CountyCommissioner Chairperson Jennifer Roberts and State Senator, Bob Rucho speak at the Ballantyne Breakfast Club. The meeting starts at 9am in the Ballantyne Ballroom.

What is so interesting is that these public officials will be available for one-on-one discussions about any issues you may have!

  • N.C. Republican Representatives Ric Killian and Bill Brawley.
  • Commissioners’ vice chair Jim Pendergraph, a Republican, and Democratic commissioner Harold Cogdell.
  • County Manager Harry Jones or his assistant manager.
  • City council members Edwin Peacock, Warren Cooksey and Andy Dulin, all Republicans.
  • Assistant City Manager Jim Schumacher.
  • School board member Tim Morgan and CMS Southwest Zone Superintendent Katherine Rea.
  • Assistant police Chief Harold Medlock.
  • Sheriff Chipp Bailey, a Democrat.
  • Assistant District Attorney Bart Menser.
  • Fire Captain Rob Brisley or a senior command member.
  • John Muth, deputy director of development for the Charlotte Area Transit System.
  • Phillip Reiger, assistant director, Charlotte Department of Transportation.

In addition, Michelle Miller, director for the Morrison YMCA and Todd Paris and Ned Curran of the Ballantyne chapter of the Charlotte Chamber will also be available for information.

The meeting is free and this BallantyneBlogger will be attending to see what all the BUZZ is about in Ballantyne! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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