What’s the “411” on your Ballantyne Neighborhood?

I just received this chart (link below) from the company who hosts my blog, Davis Farrell, which shows how many homes have sold in your Ballantyne Neighborhood compared to how many are currently on the market. This includes only homes which are in the Charlotte Multiple Listings Service so “For Sale by Owner” homes are not included. (Just pushes that number of months inventory even higher!)

Ballantyne Neighborhood Analysis

This is a cool chart! You can check out your neighborhood and see how it compares to others in the Ballantyne area. For example, Wildflower Pond has sold 5 homes within the past year. There is currently one home for sale in Wildflower Pond so there is a 2.4 month inventory based on past sales. The average “listed” price was $229,900 and the average price the home sold for was “220,250 – about a 3.31% discount off the asking price.

Ballantyne Country Club has sold 36 homes within the past year. There are currently 56 homes on the market. That means there is a 18-19 month inventory of homes for sale in Ballantyne Country Club. If you have a home for sale in Ballantyne Country Club, you do not want to have the home on the market for 18-19 months! Oh no! So, make sure you have a great Realtor who can give you the 411 on what you need to do to make your house put its best foot forward!

Check out your Ballantyne Neighborhood!

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